KSI - Patience (feat. YUNGBLUD & Polo G) [Official Video]

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Little bit little bit
I Need a little bit of patience
Coz we be going through changes

Polo G
Ah, ah no patience i’ve had enough.
Spent too much time through these phases, it’s just not adding up
Felt all alone on those stages.
Wanna get my passion up,
It’s over, pack it up
Don’t walk away from me.
When the night falls, make the right call.
Or she’ll be gone forever.

I need a little bit of patience\\
Cos we’ve been going through changes
I need a little bit of patience
Get out of crazy situations
And my heart won’t change
If my head don’t break
I need a little bit of patience
Cos we’ve been going through changes

Need a little space to slow the brain
I don’t really wanna feel the pain.
Seen a lot of shit to make me hate
I don’t wanna hide until it’s too late
Feels like i’m gonna break

I need a little bit of patience\\
Cos we’ve been going through changes
I need a little bit of patience
Get out of crazy situations
And my heart won’t change
If my head don’t break
I need a little bit of patience
Cos we’ve been going through changes

Bridges burning, i won’t let you get to me
Tables turning i don’t need bad energy
Now i’m learning, lying bout our chemistry
No returnin,

I need a little bit of patience\\
Cos we’ve been going through changes
I need a little bit of patience
Get out of crazy situations
And my heart won’t change
If my head don’t break
I need a little bit of patience
Cos we’ve been going through changes

I need a little bit of patience\\
Cos we’ve been going through changes

Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@properloud.com

Directed By Troy Roscoe - : troyroscoe
Co-Directed By Nayip Ramos - nayipramos...

RBC Records - rbcrecords.com/

BMG - www.bmg.com/us/

spinalkid преди 8 часа
u r awesome
Jamie Wilson
Jamie Wilson преди 11 часа
Can we just appreciate how much detail they did with yungblud
SKY MUSIC преди ден
If Rodrick from diary of the wimpy kid actually had a successful music career.
Sayan Ghosh
Sayan Ghosh преди ден
God damn fuck I have watching Jj since 2015 but I never watched any of his music videos dude's music sounds better them most musicians...love form India man...god speed brutha..✌️
Daniel Varela-Jimenez
Daniel Varela-Jimenez преди ден
he sing 37 sec is not to much but ksi your video is me laugh me a lot continue like this
Daniel Varela-Jimenez
Daniel Varela-Jimenez преди ден
polo g din't sing a lot
Pain преди ден
This is dead.
Parth Rajpal
Parth Rajpal преди ден
Dude this song 😁😭❤️
Kabu преди ден
Ksi outdone hes self with this one
Zubair Ahmed
Zubair Ahmed преди ден
WhT a good video editing roscoe killed it
Jake Roche
Jake Roche преди 2 дни
Yungblud made this song low key but both verses are dope at the same time so fuck it
David Hunter
David Hunter преди 2 дни
Anyone notice ksi makes big artist do different beats and has them singing never thought I'd see lil Wayne n polo g sing 😂😂 ksi is the goat he makes us from the UK proud👍
The child lorai
The child lorai преди 2 дни
This song fire
Chrispine Otwenya
Chrispine Otwenya преди 2 дни
Chrispine Otwenya
Chrispine Otwenya преди 2 дни
super cool!
Abel Mejias • 70 years ago
Abel Mejias • 70 years ago преди 2 дни
I’m guessing polo g didn’t have any patience for another verse?
Lee Turner
Lee Turner преди 2 дни
best song JJ
Reapers Digest
Reapers Digest преди 2 дни
Does anyone know the name of the outfit or style that jj wears in that final scene??
Stacey Smithem
Stacey Smithem преди 3 дни
I Just discovered yungblud, my son said hey that's KSI he's a BGpostr..... I said yeah I know... Im cool 😂 ♥
Julian Garcia
Julian Garcia преди 4 дни
This song would’ve been terrible had yungblud not been in it
𝒙𝒙𝒐𝒑𝒖ʕ•ᴥ•ʔシ︎ преди 4 дни
Bro yungblud sound like kid laroi
UnWorthyOne преди 4 дни
Bro nice I like Polo G and KSI
Макс Вялый
Макс Вялый преди 4 дни
RonnieBoySilvah преди 4 дни
to the 21 thousand that disliked you have no taste in music and you should go get your head checked you little pump fanboys.
Ryuunosuke Akutagawa
Ryuunosuke Akutagawa преди 4 дни
Yungblud and KSI had song and i don't know it?! What
Joe Ward
Joe Ward преди 5 дни
This actually hits! 2 hard! Smh
Adevăr Iubire
Adevăr Iubire преди 6 дни
GamePlayYT преди 7 дни
You have to feel yungblud to understand him. He has been fire since the times with MGK..
Elijah Sanderson
Elijah Sanderson преди 8 дни
Amazing song 🤗👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿
Lance lance
Lance lance преди 8 дни
best one by far ngl
Its_game_time_bruh преди 8 дни
Polo g barley said anything
Owen lumula
Owen lumula преди 9 дни
Love the song so much but not the smoking part
Matthew Shaw
Matthew Shaw преди 9 дни
Patience- Yungblud Ft KSI
samuel преди 9 дни
i am suprised ksi didnt lose his voice after screaming at memes
Arman Sheikh
Arman Sheikh преди 10 дни
amieehobi преди 10 дни
The outfits are fireeeee
Janice Prudence
Janice Prudence преди 10 дни
omgggg never knew this collab is what I need
MoYrt преди 11 дни
yungblud just hits different in patience
happy youtube
happy youtube преди 11 дни
happy youtube
happy youtube преди 11 дни
diecast jam
diecast jam преди 11 дни
KSI, is the backup dancer in his own video, he;s fucking Bez, ha ha. Dominic is cool as ever.
Max Damien
Max Damien преди 12 дни
still his best song for me
Legs преди 12 дни
The only good KSI song
Thomas Stone
Thomas Stone преди 12 дни
AZEEZ X MOON MAN преди 12 дни
Jj is made song with da living legend polo g and yunblud and Jake is making song with da ghostwriter
Rebel Without Applause
Rebel Without Applause преди 13 дни
Check out "Gangsters' by the "Specials" You might see the original collaboration. The original black an white, unite an fight.. 😆
LiL_AnTnYr Is C00L 😎
LiL_AnTnYr Is C00L 😎 преди 13 дни
Polo G needed more bro he carried 🔥🔥🔥
ryan hubbs
ryan hubbs преди 14 дни
Also yungblud is the star in this song.
Jason Mi
Jason Mi преди 14 дни
polo g's 23 second verse = 💰💰💰
SPIDEYGAMINGROCKS!!!! преди 14 дни
i came from watching the sidemen the wheel spin video
Z 03
Z 03 преди 14 дни
Try playing this song at 1.25x You are welcome!
Leanna Cardinal
Leanna Cardinal преди 14 дни
Loci they good they should make another song together
Leanna Cardinal
Leanna Cardinal преди 14 дни
Jerrell Williams
Jerrell Williams преди 14 дни
The Cory Gamer
The Cory Gamer преди 15 дни
Brings 2020 vibes like if you agree
lala dui
lala dui преди 15 дни
The 80's say hi :)
Serwusz преди 15 дни
Actually a nice song
lilstump55 преди 15 дни
Did you know that you can go to heaven for free? This one decision can change your eternity forever. Jesus died for both mine and your sins. All you have to to is confess that you’re a sinner and accept Jesus as your savior. 👍🏽
CheeseOnThursday преди 15 дни
Delete the yungblud bits
xohlt преди 15 дни
fire 🔥🔥
Vitika Sharma
Vitika Sharma преди 15 дни
You slap Tommy friend
The Hatter
The Hatter преди 15 дни
JJ and Yungblud are dressed like perfect opposites, it's got a Ying and yang type vibe
Iannis Florin
Iannis Florin преди 15 дни
my friend is a hater of polo g and he calls polo poop g now i hate him
Zyw преди 16 дни
Is it just me or does JJ’s hair and jacket when he was sitting down looked like phoenix from val?
Savtrix преди 17 дни
Man 5 months later still a Banger
Ray FRillie
Ray FRillie преди 17 дни
2:06 is my favorite part. you killed those lines JJ, KILLED IT
Lucas de Souza Oficial
Lucas de Souza Oficial преди 17 дни
Essa música fico nervosa demais se é loko, hit do ksi
IDK BOYY преди 17 дни
technology boss
technology boss преди 17 дни
walibear love this one less go
ItsmetheKidmaster преди 17 дни
I kept hearing this song on the car radio now i know what it is. best song ever
Izzy Raggett
Izzy Raggett преди 17 дни
Banger of a song love it 🔥🔥
mik rampersad
mik rampersad преди 17 дни
I wonder how much that 15 seconds from polo cost 😐
I'm Fahim Xaman
I'm Fahim Xaman преди 17 дни
Fuck polo g. Why you didn’t do a second verse. I am pissed
Tuna Bean
Tuna Bean преди 17 дни
Their style doesn’t fit the music.
Ovisq преди 18 дни
just getting better and better
K3n Kiko
K3n Kiko преди 18 дни
TheDisabledGamer преди 18 дни
Great song but i can't fkn stand the guy in the beginning, dude nobody cares about your god awful fkn jewelry bro !
David Aviles
David Aviles преди 18 дни
Who else wanted polo g’s to go on the whole song
Ewa Magda
Ewa Magda преди 18 дни
My son told me about this song and now I am in love with song😍Thank you!xxx
Moop Meep
Moop Meep преди 18 дни
Ngl KSI actually good at this kind of slow autotune sound
I_Am_MaziKeen преди 18 дни
Favorite Song :)
Talking Becca
Talking Becca преди 18 дни
Song good
James Ewing
James Ewing преди 18 дни
a challenge for anyone that is bored ... find someone who uses more auto tune than ksi
Christian Tesla
Christian Tesla преди 19 дни
Wow this is pure trash.
Hello • not that long ago
Hello • not that long ago преди 6 дни
We know you are🤫🤫🤫🤫
Hugo Healey
Hugo Healey преди 19 дни
Shut up
IO Gaming
IO Gaming преди 19 дни
Let's be honest , JJ already proves with hard work you can do everything
Libonthung Kikon
Libonthung Kikon преди 19 дни
Polo hit different
Hugo Healey
Hugo Healey преди 19 дни
Polo g should of swapped with yungblud
england’s biggest arianator
england’s biggest arianator преди 20 дни
No joke, when I was in work placement during the summer, I heard this song on the radio literally every single day for like a month... and I HATED it! 2 months later, after staying away from the radio and just listening to music on Spotify, I can't get enough of this song. It just goes to show that avoiding the radio can make listening to music a much more pleasant experience.
Ema Kmetic
Ema Kmetic преди 8 дни
hahahha i love that!!!
PAUL Pingoy
PAUL Pingoy преди 16 дни
Postmen преди 20 дни
Polo g need sa moreeee in the music
GOOS преди 20 дни
Oh noce
Matt преди 20 дни
record for shortest polo g feature
Kaiden Dohner
Kaiden Dohner преди 21 ден
IS KSI blood gang now like shit
Cappy GameZ
Cappy GameZ преди 21 ден
ngl if polo g had a longer verse this song would be banger
Jayden Seidel
Jayden Seidel преди 21 ден
The auto tune tho
Salman Afzal
Salman Afzal преди 21 ден
need ksi tobi and a chunks
Josphat Linge
Josphat Linge преди 22 дни
Olatunji gets a like for this
Josphat Linge
Josphat Linge преди 22 дни
For some reason this has become my jam😁
HACKED преди 22 дни
FaZe CrAzY626
FaZe CrAzY626 преди 22 дни
1:57 damn that editor out here working overtime made it look like he cracked the ground with the bat
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