KSI Has Dinner With Craig David and Digital Farm Animals

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Written By:
Nic Wegener & Joe Chandler

Waitress: Adi Alfa - adialfa__?...
Director: Troy Roscoe - troyroscoe...
Executive Producer : Mams Taylor - mamstaylor...
Producer: Danyl Goodall - danyl.earth...
Co-Producer: James John - jamesjohndo...
Editor: Troy Roscoe - troyroscoe...
Gaffer: Alex Verber - verbz_the_g...
Sound: Marvyn Sinclair - bisky.rusin...
Casting: James John - smileysmugg...
BTS Stills: Ashley Mekan - ashleymekan...

Big thanks to Love Shack London - loveshack_l...

Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@premierleaguemusic.com
www.premierleagueentertainmen ...

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legends in the world
legends in the world преди месец
my brother❤❤❤❤❤❤
Alice G
Alice G преди месец
Everyone go follow justEuan! He’s crazy talented
Rex❤One Direction
Rex❤One Direction преди 3 месеца
I thought dinner was the farm animal
Mujahid Wahaibi
Mujahid Wahaibi преди 3 месеца
fuck cringe brooooooo
Theresa Hall
Theresa Hall преди 3 месеца
JJ you are AWESOME just the way you are…. Don’t let it change you!!! You keep this Momma dancin and laughin ALL the time!!!! Keep being YOU and let the others sit there and stew…..💜💜
Fakeeer преди 4 месеца
0:25 lmao..... That guy in the back
Liam Crutch
Liam Crutch преди 5 месеца
MANnNnNnNnN its sooopa sweet
Edward Mendez
Edward Mendez преди 5 месеца
Stacey Ings where are you?
yung ven
yung ven преди 5 месеца
is this scripted
ahmed sami
ahmed sami преди 6 месеца
Wired that this video didn't get attention
Hutch Besoins
Hutch Besoins преди 6 месеца
You can hear Really Love in the background
Octoyogi преди 6 месеца
Wtf 🤣🤣 dfa dont say anything but order a lot of food that table full 🤣🤣🤣
Km K
Km K преди 6 месеца
Hate u
Vcx Rei
Vcx Rei преди 6 месеца
0:26 the guy in the back: ACTING SKILL 1000
Kshitij Rana
Kshitij Rana преди 7 месеца
Guy in the background drinking through bandana/mask Me: Is it possible to learn that power
The Puki
The Puki преди 7 месеца
zephaniah oraka
zephaniah oraka преди 7 месеца
Don't mind the guy in the background just drinking with a mask on
Cody Al Hoiles
Cody Al Hoiles преди 7 месеца
Love the pig mask
Zaki Chan
Zaki Chan преди 7 месеца
Why hasn't this video passed 1mil views yet ?
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos преди 6 месеца
coz its some bullshit
Jiovanni Cintron
Jiovanni Cintron преди 7 месеца
This is cringe 😅
Dwarfo Gaming
Dwarfo Gaming преди 7 месеца
Fun fact: This is Ksi’s first video to fail reaching 1mil views for his last 213 videos in a row so wow obviously nobody liked this or was interested lol
Michael Albirio
Michael Albirio преди 7 месеца
0:51 100% acting
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos преди 7 месеца
TheThistle Gunner
TheThistle Gunner преди 7 месеца
Let’s get this to 1M troops, we managed it with poppin behind the scenes
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos преди 7 месеца
sSamm преди 7 месеца
yess, its going to be hard
Kubir Tamang
Kubir Tamang преди 8 месеца
How can people not see the guy with a mask drinking water with his mask one
ヅEman преди 8 месеца
Bro should try acting now. Hes better now
The Puki
The Puki преди 8 месеца
Monika Heller
Monika Heller преди 8 месеца
The guy in the back drinking his coffe/tea with his mask on LMFAO
Azwad Sifat
Azwad Sifat преди 8 месеца
more zencsy
more zencsy преди 8 месеца
Me : anything cheap that's all
gmcPYPartu преди 8 месеца
Devastators Army
Devastators Army преди 8 месеца
Sorry but I can’t take the pig mask seriously sorry DFA but the pig head is so funny
Ronak Sringari
Ronak Sringari преди 8 месеца
Fun Fact: This is JJ’s first video on this channel to not hit 1M views since 2015
sSamm преди 8 месеца
George преди 8 месеца
Ksi thinking him becoming too big and ppl will not bully 😂😂😂 Me making reddit post right now
lordz FN
lordz FN преди 8 месеца
This was funny
ScytherXIX преди 8 месеца
Who realises in the back a guys drinking with a bandana over his mouth
Mohamed Motaz
Mohamed Motaz преди 8 месеца
This is the first KSI vid not to hit a mil views since September 2016 lol Edit: we don't talk about odds on
Marcello Berry
Marcello Berry преди 8 месеца
5:20 is that guy filming
Plugin Labs Games
Plugin Labs Games преди 9 месеца
I have so many questions lol or how the fuck this was even created in the first place lol
Jonadley Delpe
Jonadley Delpe преди 9 месеца
Damn, how many food do you eat?
Andrew McKenzie
Andrew McKenzie преди 9 месеца
Big ego flex but did have some interesting subtext.
Ouick remix
Ouick remix преди 9 месеца
The guy in the back tho drinking while the mask on 😂😂😂😂
KIMO1681 преди 9 месеца
The pineapple😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cqptainbear преди 9 месеца
at first I thought this was supposed to be serious lmao
Aung San Doon Khaing
Aung San Doon Khaing преди 9 месеца
I don’t know why but this is very wholesome... 😄
The Bluewolf officially
The Bluewolf officially преди 9 месеца
Keep up with the drama in chicken on the video 😂😂😂
TwizTed BonG
TwizTed BonG преди 9 месеца
Hey bro afew vids ago you asked for a sulution to the captions being removed for the deaf community i suggest either get a friend who knows sign language to sign out what you are saying and edit it into your video or to save more time just have them stand next to you in your videos :)
electro40 Go Dummy
electro40 Go Dummy преди 9 месеца
Ksi Vs Logan Paul Again come on i wanna see it
Zaki Chan
Zaki Chan преди 9 месеца
Why doesn't this video have million views?
Cyrill_Bloxian преди 9 месеца
Lol I saw person drink coffee with a mask
random ting
random ting преди 9 месеца
clarity euphoria are craig david new songs reckless keeping it real no drama/ high drama and PLUMP CHICKEN maybe songs on ksi new album
Pepperz Vanish
Pepperz Vanish преди 9 месеца
0:26 was the best scene
Manos преди 9 месеца
Yo this Chanel is dead 810k views in 4 weeks jesus
JESUS POWER преди 9 месеца
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Asher Gemini
Asher Gemini преди 9 месеца
when ksi eats bud brownies..
Cronic the X
Cronic the X преди 9 месеца
The guy in the back of ksi lol😂
Comely Cities 4K
Comely Cities 4K преди 9 месеца
KSI should colab with Craig in a new album, what do you think guys?
Zcsy преди 9 месеца
Ksi:what uf I Fall in love in a animal in the zoo Me:wtf?!
M4rmalas преди 10 месеца
Who else came back to see that guy in background?
Siddhant Pandya
Siddhant Pandya преди 10 месеца
wait is the waitress cardi b
Dhanya Neeraj
Dhanya Neeraj преди 10 месеца
At 0:27 pure actings skills have been made between jj and the white girl. Drinking coffee with mask on.
Gianna Alison
Gianna Alison преди 2 месеца
3:46 1625936860
Owl Prod.
Owl Prod. преди 10 месеца
0:23 guy in the background bruh
BESERK FF преди 10 месеца
He is going to town with Craig and farm animals.
Logan Dobson
Logan Dobson преди 10 месеца
???this video confuffles me???
Teddy MC
Teddy MC преди 10 месеца
ur bad
an ai_.
an ai_. преди 10 месеца
0:50 The guy in the back just drank that thing with a mask on *Acting 100*
Kryptix88 _
Kryptix88 _ преди 6 месеца
Bryan Wiliam
Bryan Wiliam преди 10 месеца
Don't forget 0:24
22SS22 RR
22SS22 RR преди 10 месеца
0:26 the guy behind with the mask💀💀💀💀💀
Mbah Boylot
Mbah Boylot преди 5 месеца
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TG преди 10 месеца
Waitress : What about the acting? JJ : Lets have it very goo- Meanwhile Man In The Background : 0:26
Ray Mak
Ray Mak преди 10 месеца
How does digital farm animals eat?
Kryptix88 _
Kryptix88 _ преди 6 месеца
farm animals?
LORD KSI преди 7 месеца
MrInsertName преди 7 месеца
PixersKev Production
PixersKev Production преди 8 месеца
BTDKING преди 9 месеца
He heats the food to the point it emits light . Then he absorbs the light through his mini solar panels and uses that electricity to charge his cyborg like body
Sports Social
Sports Social преди 10 месеца
KYFEElite преди 10 месеца
Why can’t you find this on his Channel
slixten преди 10 месеца
ali g ceep it real
Sub Zero
Sub Zero преди 10 месеца
Man is out here eating with Craig david
A Mo
A Mo преди 10 месеца
He tryna tell us his girl name is tracy inhs
BabeBanu преди 10 месеца
KSI is fully JJ Olatunji’s second channel
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon преди 10 месеца
The man that's drinking with the bandana on, 0:24, all my respect to him. This is the amount of respect y'all give him 👇
The Gold Helmet
The Gold Helmet преди 10 месеца
0:28 The Mans In The Back Sippin’ Cofee With A Mask On.
Genuine vids
Genuine vids преди 10 месеца
He really loves them
UwU Reezy
UwU Reezy преди 10 месеца
3:24 Invest my money into something so stupid like shoes you can eat... Wait no actually that is a good idea
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon преди 10 месеца
This looks like a ryan higa video
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy преди 10 месеца
JJ : What happens if there is a really big leaf and it gave me a concusion Craig david : all of that happens to me. Me thinking what is going on in the south of 🇬🇧
Antonia Conway
Antonia Conway преди 10 месеца
Surprised Jj didn’t order the whole menu 😃
Ryan Hogg
Ryan Hogg преди 10 месеца
JJ needs Craig David to help him with math 😂
Fletch0G преди 10 месеца
Ngl kinda wanna buy that jacket Craig David is wearing. Link?
Heiwajima преди 10 месеца
Watched him for 10 years and still do.... But this video ain't it 😂 JJ Olatunji is the superior nigerian youtuber not this KSI
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy преди 10 месеца
“Let’s have it positive” JJ: this is my only chance!
Noob Pro
Noob Pro преди 10 месеца
Yah that's right the man behind KSI is having coffee with mask on
Simarjeet sran
Simarjeet sran преди 10 месеца
No one: LIterally no one: Stacey: -__-
Sanemi Sama
Sanemi Sama преди 10 месеца
Stacy is ksi’s girlfriend name called u lot
Sanemi Sama
Sanemi Sama преди 10 месеца
@eioshen boboi I-
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi преди 10 месеца
For God Sakes KSI, Stick With Your Roots And Just Order Chicken!!. Oh and the 'one hit song combo' ...good choice.
Isaac преди 10 месеца
Their talkin way too much Zoomer for me 😂
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi преди 10 месеца
JJ if you reply to this o won't run up on you like prophet muscle 😂😂
Phoenix MGC
Phoenix MGC преди 10 месеца
Anyone notice how there is a guy in the back drinking with a mask on
Tander101 преди 10 месеца
HAYD3Z 65 преди 10 месеца
Someone help me out here. Was the a similar video ksi made like this. If so drop a link pls
Adil Hassan
Adil Hassan преди 10 месеца
0:48 guy behind KSI drinks while wearing a mask lmaooo
Turboshitkid преди 10 месеца
Wait a minute....is this guy black?!
The_anti_bonk_doggo преди 10 месеца
Ksi possitive media 😂😂😂😂
XYN Mandloi
XYN Mandloi преди 10 месеца
“Let’s have it positive” JJ: this is my only chance!
R1C4RD0 преди 10 месеца
JJ: I want the media to respond positive JJ’s reddit: no
Debbomb преди 10 месеца
*person named Stacy Ings*
ben W-D
ben W-D преди 10 месеца
JJ if you reply to this o won't run up on you like prophet muscle 😂😂
Abdullah Ice
Abdullah Ice преди 10 месеца
For God Sakes KSI, Stick With Your Roots And Just Order Chicken!!. Oh and the 'one hit song combo' ...good choice.
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